Bacon and Cupcakes, A Love Story (But Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough)

My roommate and I have two great loves: bacon and cupcakes. What better entry to start this off with than…bacon cupcakes?

This was the test batch. I’d like to make the batter from scratch and fry the bacon myself, but the smart move was to do a trial run with Betty Crocker and some bacon bits. You know, just in case bacon and cupcakes didn’t have a perfect storybook romance. If, instead, they had an awkward first date and then bacon decided never to call cupcake again, well…at least I didn’t put too much into it?

As it turned out, bacon and cupcake had some pleasant conversation, but there just wasn’t that chemistry, you know? They’re still friends, they’ll say hi to each other at parties, but this isn’t a match made in foodie heaven. But it’s not awkward! Bacon and cupcake are completely secure with themselves, and are even ok with introducing each other to some friends. You know, in case that works out.

(In other words, the cupcakes were too sweet and the overpowering vanilla flavor just did not match the bacon.  A second attempt with dark chocolate cupcakes is inevitable.)

I’ve elected not to take photos of these cupcakes. I don’t want to ruin Bacon and Cupcake’s friendship by rubbing it in that they used to date.


2 Responses to “Bacon and Cupcakes, A Love Story (But Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough)”

  1. Jill B Says:

    Hey, I came across your blog not so long ago and was just cruising through old posts and saw this one. Thought you might find these cookies intersting:

  2. Jenny Says:

    Awesome! Bacon chocolate chip cookies are actually sort of what gave us the idea to try out cupcakes. I’ll definitely have to try them with maple!

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