Tools of the trade (Part 2: But What I Need Is All Around Me)

And…even though there are a lot of things I want for my kitchen, there are some pretty cool things in it already. Here’s the list of my favorite items:

  • cupcake pans (two sheets for 12 large cupcakes, one sheet for 6 large cupcakes, one sheet for 24 mini-cupcakes) – cupcakes are kind of our house mascot, and I make them OFTEN
  • cupcake tote – one of the coolest kitchen finds, ever. I found it at Tar-zhey, it’s got little indentations for the cupcakes to nestle into, a built-in serving tray, a built-in cupcake pan, and a lockable Tupperware lid.
  • cupcake dishtowel – again with the cupcakes! I bought a pretty hand-screened towel with a giant pink cupcake on it to make our kitchen even more of a shrine to cupcakes.
  • glass mixing bowls – they’re blue and pretty, and in 3 sizes
  • big glass baking dish – I pretty much use this twice a week, and would be lost without it
  • mini-loaf pans – I got a bunch of these…bread soon!
  • the best cheap little toaster ever – it was 10 bucks, has bagel-wide slots, and has a Poptarts setting!
  • 20 qt stockpot – for soups, cider, or enough pasta to feed the neighborhood

What’s in your kitchen?


4 Responses to “Tools of the trade (Part 2: But What I Need Is All Around Me)”

  1. Angie Says:

    I had that toaster too!! I bought it for my husband like 4 years ago when he went away to Colorado State! We just retired it for a huge toaster oven…which I just love!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Oooh, I also love toaster ovens! But I haven’t found one I like more than the one I had in college, which was made in the early 80s and looks way shoddy but is actually brilliant. The newer stuff is shiny but not too impressive.

  3. FlyerAsh Says:

    A wok. The perfect kitchen necessity for beginner cooks to master chefs. I particularly love to experiment with Asian cuisine so I use my a few times a week, but you can cook virtually anything in a wok and it’s nearly impossible to mess up.

    I have bought several woks for friends that are just starting out in their own place. It’s always kind of a weird gift, but once they use it, they don’t know what they did before said wok. This is especially great for boys that refuse to cook. Some veggies, meat, and your favorite marinade or sauce, and you have a nice dinner for two in no time. The ladies will be impressed. Or just add some soba or tofu and you’ve got yourself a power meal.

    Also helpful to have in addition to the wok: bamboo steaming basket, mandolin slicer, a good mill filled with a potpourri of pepper corns.

  4. Jenny Says:

    FlyerAsh, I’m super jealous that you have a wok. I need to get one, I just have a big saute pan that I like to pretend is a wok.

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