Unorthodox Techniques (Part 2: How to Peel a Pear)

My knife skills are…not as fancy as they could be. Also, I don’t own a good set of knives yet. Using a paring knife to peel a pear? Not gonna happen.

I’ll stick to using the vegetable peeler. It does the job just fine.

[I also found a video clip on the magic internet of someone peeling a prickly pear in a way that looked far too simple. I watched the clip without sound and thought it was a regular pear. This is why we always listen to the sound on instructional video clips!]


6 Responses to “Unorthodox Techniques (Part 2: How to Peel a Pear)”

  1. BrownsFan Says:

    Don’t mean to be picky, but the video showed how to peel a prickly pear (which grows on a type of cactus) and your picture shows you peeling a pear that grows on a fruit tree. It’s literally like comparing how to peel apples and oranges.

    Or maybe it’s like a Top Chef challenge where they were supposed to use prickly pear and they decided to use bosc pears instead!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out. This is what I get for looking at video clips at work with the sound off! Ooooops.

  3. apollocreed Says:

    that is one of the most intense pictures of a pear I’ve ever seen.

    But I guess I don’t look at too many pictures of pears.

    Still, it was very nice.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Thanks! It was a weird picture to take…I don’t have a tripod or anything, so I put the camera on a 10-second timer and held it in my mouth so I could use my hands to peel the pear. It didn’t taste very good.

  5. Poached! Poached pears « The Reckless Chef Says:

    […] talk to me! ← Things They Probably Don’t Teach In Culinary School (Part 2: How to Peel a Pear) […]

  6. amberance Says:

    Hahahahahaha, so no “Camera ala banana” then I guess.

    P.S. BrownsFan is my coworker, she LOVES your blog.

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