A little switcheroo

I’m just testing out a new look for the site. I’m trying to decide if I prefer the white background or the darker one. White seems more standard, and looks very clean, but I feel like the dark grey makes the images “pop” a little more. At some point, I’ll get around to coding some custom CSS for this thing, but I’m going with default WordPress themes for now because I’m lazy.

Thoughts? Criticism? Bacon?

Update: back to the old layout for now.


8 Responses to “A little switcheroo”

  1. ToKissTheCook Says:

    Holy mother those chocolate banana cookies are making me want to go to the gym by association. That association being that I will be making them soon and will eat 60-70% by my lonesome. YUM

  2. Jenny Says:

    Thanks! I think I’m going to stick with that header image even if I switch back to the brighter theme. I’m kind of in love with those cookies.

  3. simone Says:

    i like both, but i think black makes the site look more sophisticated. the pic shouldn’t be split in two…it’s easier on the eye as one full pic.

    keep up the great (and tasty) work!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Thanks, Simone! I agree about the split image being a little bit funky…I probably won’t keep this layout up for more than another day or so, just wanted to get an idea of which color scheme worker better.

  5. amberance Says:

    Concur with Simone, I like both, but the dark a little better. Your header needs to be much bigger though.

  6. Jenny Says:

    Yeah. I think I’m gonna play with some CSS next week. I like the charchoal a lot, but I’m going to tweak the layout a bit.

  7. Boz Says:

    Bacon please! I liked the light one a little better; it actually does the opposite to the images as you’d thought..any of the images that aren’t themselves very light don’t pop; they blend or appear darker themselves; like the margaritas looked sorta like tomato soup.
    Definitely keep the cookie header though…and dood I want one. Arrested Development + foods = brilliant.

  8. Pablo Says:

    Header needs to be bigger and the blog titles need to be bigger as well, while scrolling down to see what I’ve missed in the past week, it was difficult to tell where one post ended and another began!

    Otherwise, dig the new look!

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