A Better Chocolate Cupcake Recipe Than My Old One

I’ve been pretty happy with the chocolate cake recipe that I’ve been using for the past few years. The cupcakes come out delicious and moist, and chocolatey without being overwhelmingly sweet. My old recipe tastes like cardboard in comparison to Linsey’s Grandma’s Chocolate Cake recipe. Cardboard.

I don’t care what recipe you use now. This is your new one. Love it.

The batter is a little bit runny. In comparison to my usual batter…it’s a lot runny. I used a turkey baster to fill the cupcake papers because I wasn’t confident in my ability to spoon it in without spilling. But! Fear not – while it seems like something’s wrong, the cupcakes bake just fine, and end up being extraordinarily moist. (How moist are they?) I made a batch of two dozen, which is way too much for normal consumption. Two weeks later, I still had a few cupcakes left, and they might as well have been fresh-baked.

I imagine that it works out even better in actual-cake form instead of cupcake. Less mess filling up a cake pan or two than a couple dozen papers.

p.s. technique I am currently in love with: swirling two colors of frosting together via two half-pastry bags à la Natalie @ Bake + Destroy…this is totally going to happen for my next batch.


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