Not Your Average Orange Slice

Fun presentation makes everything better.

Jello shots in little plastic cups? Boring.
Jello shots in citrus fruit shapes? Wicked cool.

I yanked this idea from Not Martha, and – as is usually the case when I use her ideas – I got a ton of compliments on the fruits.

Jello shots, classed up for the party.

You can click this link to find out how she made them. My modifications and thoughts on the recipe are as follows:

  • My orange jello mixture was as follows: 2 packets Jell-O (one orange and one lemon), 2/3 cup raspberry vodka, 2/3 cup hot water.
  • My green jello mixture was way too soft and didn’t hold its shape. That mixture was: 1 packet Jell-O (lime), 2/3 cup apple vodka, 2/3 cup hot water. Lesson learned, double the gelatin mixture for solid fruits.
  • I sliced each orange half into thirds. I did this out of habit (that’s how I slice oranges), but I probably should have just cut each one in half. The more cuts you make per orange half, the more strain you put on the jello. This means that some slices will come out super ugly from being smooshed.
  • Keep an even hand while you slice these. Otherwise, the jello will be jagged and less pretty.
  • Orange halves fit nicely into a standard cupcake tin, but lemon halves are too small. Stuff the tin with a bunch of wadded-up paper towels to accomodate this difference.
  • Cleaning out the orange rinds is very tedious. Also, don’t do it if you have any papercuts, or it will sting like none other.
  • The leftover orange/lemon pulp can be tossed in the blender with some sugar, booze, and Kool-Aid to make an easy party punch and not waste those oranges and lemons.

33 Responses to “Not Your Average Orange Slice”

  1. Big Time Fancy Says:

    The bit about the paper cuts was a nice (and ACCURATE) touch.
    Next time? Rubber gloves.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yeah. I forgot to mention, it also hurts when orange juice squirts into your eye. After the fifth or sixth time, that gets really old.

  3. RebeccaC Says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and I’m so excited. I’ve been searching for other Chicago-area food bloggers (other than restaurant reviewers) for a while and haven’t had much luck. I love your site and your recipe ideas — wicked cool jello shots! I’ll be back often…

  4. Pablo Says:

    VERY cool!!

    For some reason it wasn’t clear to me upon first read that you fill the half rinds with the jello and let it set. THEN cut.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Glad you like!

    And Pablo, yeah, it’d be a wee bit awkward to slice through liquid jello ;)

  6. butterflyfish Says:

    I really like the new blog. It seems like life is going well for you and I am happy to see it. Good got you, Jenny.

  7. Jenny Says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you like it. Hope things are going well for you, too!

  8. LeisureSuitLeo Says:

    Those look AWESOME! Nice work, Mauldin!

  9. Emily Says:

    I love this idea!

    Just a thought on cutting them…it might be much easier to cut with a knife which has been run under the hot water tap. It would probably also make the jello look much nicer in the end.

    Can’t wait to try it, though!

  10. mikeriveraprod Says:

    Looks Delish!

  11. Jenny Says:

    Great suggestion, Emily! I was a little bit disappointed with how jagged some of the slices turned out during the first go-round, but I’ll have to give that a try.

  12. Deborah Dowd Says:

    I am not even a jello shooter kind of personand these look awesome! What a unique twist!

  13. Casey Says:

    To cut the jello slices better use a hot knife.

  14. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely try that next time.

  15. T Says:

    I’ve made these before and it helps to put them in the freezer for 5 minutes or so after they set up and before you cut them.
    Also put them face down on a cold plate and cut them with a sharp warm knife. I made then en mass for a bar I used to work at in Key West. Oh, I almost forgot, it also helps if you freeze the fruit rinds and let the Jello come to room temperature before you pour it into them. Makes the process a little more complicated but they come out perfect.

  16. Jenny Says:

    Awesome! I think I actually had more success when the oranges were face-up (jello side up) than face-down, similar to cutting a tomato into slices. I had a bit less control over how the jello held up when they were face-down. Freezing the rinds might solve that, though.

  17. bunnygotblog Says:

    OMG _ what a great idea!!!

    This is genius. I have to tell you using the skin as the jello shot holder is fantastic.


  18. sars Says:

    Pablo’s comment was great.

  19. UK Foodie Says:

    Have made these before, they’re good with a little of the orange pulp in too.

    UK Foodie

  20. Jazzy Says:

    I’ve made these a few times, they are so adorable and go over so well at a party.

  21. Courtney Says:

    I had the same confusion as Pablo – for some reason, I was thinking you would cut the rind into slices, then fill some sort of mold with liquid jello and stick the rind in. It didn’t even occur to me that you might fill an orange HALF with the jello and then cut the rind after it is set.

  22. Foodaholic Says:

    Great idea. I’m definitely going to make these for a party I am going to this weekend.

  23. Craig Says:

    I think this is awesome.
    New Years is coming up and I’m going to try it.

    great idea!


  24. knitsburgh Says:

    Very cool idea! I wonder if a cheese slicer would make cutting the jello wedges any easier?

  25. Jennifer Says:

    I made these with the “jiggler” recipe for the kids. (obviously without the alcohol.) It was a big hit with everyone.

  26. mental_floss Blog » The Weekend Links Says:

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  27. mummyl Says:

    I’ve had these at a party before, they were fantastic, look good and taste good!

  28. Ян Says:

    Отличный и прикольный блог! Стабильный житель моего РСС ридера :)

  29. Tanya - Online Colleges Says:

    Love it! This is such a great idea. Can’t wait to make them.

  30. Daniel@thefoodaddicts Says:

    I already enjoy jello shots at a party with the way these look how can you not love them!

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