Bran-nana Bread

I’m a sucker for cheesy puns and bad jokes. The Boyfriend makes a really phenomenal banana bread, and since his name is Brandon, I’ve decided that it’s going to be called Bran-nana Bread. *rimshot* Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here all week.

This banana bread may be better than your grandma’s. Maybe.

I’ll post the recipe as soon as he forgives me for that awful pun and decides to fork it over.


2 Responses to “Bran-nana Bread”

  1. amberance Says:

    It’s awesome. I highly recommend it.

    -The boyfriends sister

  2. FlyerAsh Says:

    I have a recipe for Buzz-nana bread that you should try. It’s a spin off of those infamous brownies we had so much fun with.

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