Kitchen Things I Can’t Live Without

T-minus 3 days until I move into the new condo and have kitchen access again!

Lone Starr: What’s this? I told you to take only what you need to survive!
Princess Vespa: That’s my industrial strength hairdryer. AND I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!

Get psyched…I have a lot of cooking to do: I pulled a Princess Vespa and insisted that I needed my mandoline, cupcake tins, loaf pans, pie pans,  round cake pans, and my awesome blue frying pan to survive. The trade-off for slipping these things into easily accessible suitcases instead of packing them away in boxes with everything else (to be unpacked who-knows-when) was that I promised to use each piece at least once within a month.

What are your kitchen essentials?


6 Responses to “Kitchen Things I Can’t Live Without”

  1. amberance Says:

    My newest one is this awesome huge deep frying pan that I bought specifically for the chicken marsala which I now use for everything. Also a colander. I love me some pasta. I miss you.

  2. RebeccaC Says:

    I love the mental picture of your suitcase. I would definitely need my enamelled cast-iron dutch oven. Love that thing. Love. It.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Amberance, I miss you, too! And your chicken marsala.

    Rebecca, I am envious…I want a dutch oven!

  4. Maris Says:

    My coffee pot would be a must! And I don’t think I could survive without a big stock pot.

  5. LeisureSuitLeo Says:

    Hawiian Shirts and Sunglasses :-)

    hey, it counts if I wear them in the kitchen, right?

  6. nicolesmith08 Says:

    Kitchen equipments that I can’t live without are my coffee maker – I can’t live without a fresh brewed coffee, and a microwave oven – reheating left overs when I’m in a rush..

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