Unorthodox Techniques (Part 3: How to Melt Butter)

Sometimes, I forget to melt butter, and by the time I realize it should be softened instead of straight from the fridge, I’ve already poured sugar or something on top.

And that is how this technique was born:

Because metal bowls can’t go in the microwave.

Dear commenters, please please tell me that I am not the only person ever to melt butter with a space heater (or a hairdryer, because that was my first choice).


2 Responses to “Unorthodox Techniques (Part 3: How to Melt Butter)”

  1. Lacey Bean Says:

    I will put the metal bowl into he oven to melt the butter some. And then try to remember not to touch it. Yeah.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Good idea! I didn’t really think about that, probably because I know I’d try to take it out without using oven mitts…

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