Get Psyched

What’s this pile of plates?

From Sur La Table, soon to be sur ma table!

I’m participating in this month’s Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24, and these pretty plates are going to be filled with dinner in just a few hours!

By the way, that would be 24 Meals, 24 Hours, 24 Blogs. Although — I’m 24 years old, 24 is my favorite tv show, and 24 is the jersey number of the fabulous Mr. Grady Sizemore (I’m a proud member of Grady’s Ladies!). And in about 24 minutes, I will be walking over to Whole Foods to pick up some last-minute ingredients.

Check back for my 24, 24, 24 post sometime in the next 31 hours (what, did you think I’d say 24?).


Beef (actually) Stroganoff

Last time I thought about making Beef Stroganoff, I had no sour cream in the house, and it was super cold outside, so I wasn’t even going to think about walking to the grocery store for some old milk.

This time, I came prepared. Sour cream? Check. Paula Deen’s recipe? Check.

I thoroughly enjoyed this recipe, and it has restored my faith in Food Network chefs (cough cough, Alton Brown). The only modification I made was to add a little bit of minced garlic to the pan with the onions and mushrooms — Paula really nailed this, and I don’t think there’s anything else I could have done that wouldn’t have ruined it.

I’ve decided that this is one of the ugliest food photos I’ve taken. Oh no, I’ll have to re-make this and take a better one! :)


Shrimp Scampi. Recipe to follow.

Shrimp. Lemon. Butter. Oil. Garlic. Mmmm.

I took the photo sans parsley garnish, but if it makes you feel better to see some green on your scampi, just imagine that it’s there :)

BBQ Chicken Pizza For Cheaters

Laziness meets pride: I didn’t want to do too much with tonight’s dinner, but I also feel wrong eating a frozen pizza. The compromise, of course, was to add something to a frozen pizza to make it less pre-fabbed.

A tasty alternative to plain frozen pizza.

The Recipe:
Cheaty McCheaterson BBQ Chicken Pizza

1 storebought frozen cheese pizza (I used Tombstone)
1 boneless skinless chicken breast
1/3 cup chopped white onion
Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce (or your favorite)

Do This
Brush the chicken breast with BBQ sauce, and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

While the chicken is hanging out in the oven, deconstruct the pizza. You won’t be able to do too much damage to it if it’s straight out of the freezer, but that’s probably for the best – the instructions on the package mention that you’re not supposed to thaw these things. Scrape off as much of the cheese as you can, and set it aside. Or don’t, if you like your toppings to rest on top of cheese. It’s your pizza.
Squeeze some BBQ sauce onto the pizza. I made a pretty swirl design because there were still a few minutes left on the chicken, and why not?

When the chicken is done baking, remove it from the oven and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Change the oven temperature to 400 (or whatever the pizza instructions suggest). Arrange the chicken pieces and chopped onions on the pizza, and top with the cheese you scraped off earlier.

Slide the pizza into the oven, and bake as directed.
VoilĂ ! Cheater’s BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Even if it’s a cheat, it’s still tasty.

Alternately, California Pizza Kitchen sells a tasty frozen BBQ Chicken Pizza. You could buy that if you don’t feel like going through all of these steps (because there are oh so many, right?), but I like that this recipe is only half-cheating.

Camera Battery Charger, Where Art Thou?

I promise, I’m not dead. And I am, in fact, still cooking. I just don’t have a charger for my camera battery. I’ve narrowed the location down to one of nine remaining moving boxes, so with luck there will be some treats posted this week (and maybe some backdated ones, because I really did cook in January!).

Bacon Makes Everything Cooler

Including this site.

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