Okay, So It Takes More Than 5 Minutes

From start to finish, the artisan bread isn’t exactly the 5-minute deal that the book’s title implies, but I am so in love with how the bread tastes that I am completely unbothered by this. And, to be fair, the authors do clear up the whole 5-minute thing in the book — it’s 5 minutes of active work and a bit more time for rising, resting, baking, et cetera.

Time breakdown for my 5-minute-a-day bread:

Ingredients mixed together: 10:25pm
Dough rises in plastic container for 2+ hours: 1:26am
Dough is retrieved from fridge: 12:51pm
Ball of dough rests on pizza peel: 1:07pm
I remember to preheat oven: 1:47pm
Dough slashed and placed in oven (after extra rising time): 2:07pm
Bread retrieved from oven: 2:39pm
Delicious bread sliced and consumed: 3:26pm

Total time from start to finish: 17 hours 1 minute
Total time spent on bread today: 2 hours 35 minutes

I suspect that things will go much more smoothly (and faster!) next time I bake. I dragged things out by forgetting to preheat the oven. And sleeping.

The best thing since…well, you know.

Of note: I need a good bread knife. I used a steak knife to slice this because apparently I didn’t feel a need to own serrated blades before this.

My favorite thing about this bread is the moist, chewy interior. The so-called “custard crumb” effect that the authors described is surprisingly not difficult to achieve — I got it in my first try! The recipe is delightfully simple, and possibly fool-proof: I’m one to make every possible mistake (like not putting enough cornmeal on the pizza peel, or forgetting to preheat the oven), and my loaf turned out just fine, if a bit mis-shapen.


4 Responses to “Okay, So It Takes More Than 5 Minutes”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Uhh yum! i need to come soon so you can cook for me! seriously the bread looks amazing…Brandon is lucky :)

  2. amberance Says:

    Henkl makes an excellent set of knives that I bought for both Aaron and Jeff, with a ginormous bread knife.

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