There’s a St. Louis Bread Co. Right By My House

It’s less than a quarter mile away, and they have a delicious green tea lemonade. Despite this, I opted to stay at home today and bake my own artisan bread.

As you can see, I was generous with the flour dusting.

I used the master recipe from Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes A Day, and here it is, fresh out of the oven. It’s not the nice, perfect round shape it’s supposed to be, but that’s my fault for way underestimating how much cornmeal to put on the pizza peel — there was a fight, and it involved a spatula and a wooden spoon, and the end result is a lumpy football-shaped loaf of bread. I also burned my hand pulling it out of the oven, but that’s standard.

It smells fantastic, though, and the second it’s cool enough to slice, I’m going to devour it. And later, I might share my notes.


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