I have a food processor! Hooray!

It’s a 3-cup processor with a pulse button. Simple, efficient, and small enough to fit in my kitchen cabinets (where real estate is at a serious premium right now).

Bonus: it was on sale at Tar-zhey.

Action shots coming soon, of course.


2 Responses to “Processing”

  1. bodelou Says:

    oooo! the elusive food processor. i need one, i just have no space. ive been usingoverusing my blender to the pt. that it broke recently. which means i know have space for either a new blender or a food processor. OH THE DECISIONS! hopefully i will be joining you for next week’s service at the church of kitchenaid

    • Jenny Says:

      This is why I’m in love with the 3-cup processor. I’m sure it’ll get a bit messy when I want to chop or purée or otherwise process larger quantities, but I’m totally willing to make that sacrifice to save space.

      If it helps — while I was browsing, I saw a variety of blenders/juicers that have food processor attachments. I haven’t tried any of them out, but they looked like decent space-savers.

      Oh yeah, and I’m totally in love with juicers now. I have a feeling that a spiffy fruit/veggie juicer will be my next impulse buy.

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