Lobsters Love Omelettes

Rachel: There’s lobster in these eggs?

George: Not that much. You know, they tend to shrink in the water.

Okay, so we had some lob-stah to spare after my birthday party (side note to St. Louis readers, Bob’s Seafood = incredible) and my pal Gus suggested that we cook some of it into eggs, à la the Seinfeld episode quoted above. Totally brilliant.

I do have to say, though, that I’m not the happiest with this particular recipe. Lobster + eggs + mozzarella + green onions = looks pretty, but has too many flavors going on, and they don’t necessarily play as nice as I’d like. It’s mostly the onion that’s problematic, and I knew that going in, but wanted some green. But lobster definitely works with eggs, and I’ll be making another trip out to Bob’s to give this recipe some tasty revisions.

Update: some lovely ladies that I met tonight totally helped fix the flavor problem and still keep some green on the plate. Dill. Dill is the answer.


5 Responses to “Lobsters Love Omelettes”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Wow that looks really lovely. Oh and I totally think you should make the Dr. Pepper reduction from Top Chef masters. Awesome.

    • Jenny Says:

      Looks good, could use some work on the taste. Maybe next time I won’t use green onions!

      And I’m totally looking for an excuse to make that reduction.

  2. Maris Says:

    Trial and error — sometimes that’s the best way to learn how to make the perfect omelet :)

  3. Allie Says:

    I don’t know about lobster, but I have a ton of dill from our CSA box ready to be used. I sense an omelette coming soon.

  4. inaccurateninja Says:

    New years day, I did a steak & lobster frittatta with shallots, blue + fontinella cheese, and some kind of fresh herb. I think it was either basil or rosemary, leaning towards the latter. I forget though because I also drank a bottle of champagne in the form of berry mimosas. :-)

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