I Don’t Give A Fig

But I’ll take a few pints of them! Apparently, figs are in season right now, and my local Whole Foods has them on sale. I picked up two pints to play with.

Seriously, how great do these look?


8 Responses to “I Don’t Give A Fig”

  1. maris Says:

    These DO look great! I love fig-flavored things but have never had a fresh fig.

  2. amberance Says:

    Fig Newtons! You should make homemade Fig Newtons!!!!

  3. Joan Nova Says:

    Came to you via your listing in foodie blogroll today — and I lingered. I poked here and there and really enjoyed your style, especially the clever post titles. I’ll definitely visit again.

  4. Gavan, 'The Healthy Irishman' Says:

    My neighbor has a fig tree which is just starting to peak so I’ll have to get my thinking cap on for some recipes. Let me know when you post your recipe.

  5. rebecca subbiah Says:

    wow great figs will eagerly wait what you make

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