The Reckless Chef Makes House Calls

In case you were curious, I don’t just set my own kitchen on fire.

Sometimes, I bring my talents to other people’s kitchens.

Funny story: when we opened the oven and saw the burning cobbler, my first reaction was “Where’s your camera? Does your Blackberry have a camera?” while Rebekah‘s was “WE NEED TO PUT THIS OUT NOW!” Priorities, duh.


6 Responses to “The Reckless Chef Makes House Calls”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Wow that is a real flame. So what’s the story behind it? How did we get to flames?

    • Jenny Says:

      Long story short, Rebekah’s oven is so old that the words on the dial are no longer decipherable. Let’s just say that we put the oven to the wrong setting (we suspect it was either on broil or oven-clean), and learned that she needs a smoke detector.

      I just find it amusing that things like this tend to happen when I’m around!

  2. Joy @ Big Time Fancy Says:

    I about died when I saw that the other day. Well, no, FIRST I died when I got your text. And THEN I died AGAIN when I saw the picture.

    Remember that one time we tricked everyone into thinking we burned down our house making Banana’s Foster?

    This is like that. But real. :)

    • Jenny Says:

      Remember the time my hair caught on fire when you ran out “for 5 minutes” to go to CVS and then you weren’t back in 5 minutes, so I just stood there for a second until I realized that I should react and put it out?

  3. Joan Nova Says:

    So funny…a typical food blogger’s response to look for a camera to document it.

  4. Rebekah Says:

    FINALLY got around to doing a post on this, it’s going up tomorrow. And mine has the end-result photo too, that lovely charred top.

    Nom nom.

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