It’s Nablammo!

Or NaBloPoMo, but Joy and I like to mispronounce on purpose.

This means: I’ll be posting on here EVERY DAY in November. Yep, every day. For those of you who like constant updates? This is going to be your favorite month :)

To kick off November, here’s some tasty spiced cider!

Why yes, that brand of whiskey is called “Feckin” — although any feckin’ Irish will do.

Besides the apple cider and Irish whiskey, I like to spice this tasty cold-weather treat with cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, and vanilla. I’m terrible about measuring with recipes like this, but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say 2-3 shots of whiskey, a tsp of cinnamon, half a tsp of nutmeg, 2 tsps of brown sugar, and a half a tsp of vanilla, then cider to fill the rest of the saucepan (a couple of pints). It’s pretty inexact, but I like to go by smell.

Trivia: that is, in fact, my old stove. I’m using photos from the time I made this cider at the old place because (a) we used Feckin’ whiskey instead of the boring kind I have in my kitchen now, and (b) I wanted to remind myself that I really like Joy’s new saucepans.

I simmer the spices in the whiskey first, then add in the apple cider. I’m not sure whether there’s any special benefit to this technique, but it definitely makes the kitchen smell nice!

The cider is best served hot, on a chilly day. It’s totally appropriate for unseasonably warm days, too.


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