While It’s Still Warm Enough To Grill

It’s unseasonably warm here. I’m hoping that I don’t jinx the weather by saying this, but it’s actually still nice enough out to grill for dinner. In November!

Speaking of grilling…one of my favorite veggie side dishes is grilled asparagus. It’s incredibly easy: arrange fresh asparagus on a sheet of aluminum foil with some minced garlic, salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Shape the foil into a packet, and grill alongside whatever else you’re making. Done and done.

If you’re coordinated enough to arrange the asparagus directly on the grill, they’re extra tasty that way. I like the foil method because I have a tendency to lose a spear or two if they’re not contained.


6 Responses to “While It’s Still Warm Enough To Grill”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Gosh I love asparagus, SO GOOD. Jealous of your warm temps too.

    • Jenny Says:

      I am a huge fan. Of the weather & the asparagus. Am dreading the cold weather because it means no grilled veggies, but am loving the cold-weather foods like soups.

  2. Joy @ Big Time Fancy Says:

    Gawddammit those look tasty as hell.

    Also, we should probably work out a FG menu, huh?

  3. Jackie Says:

    mmm grilled A! :) love it. also dan and I are making black currant pork tonight!

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