Well, That Didn’t Work

Creativity is awesome. I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be such a thing as a foodie if people didn’t get creative with cooking.

But…sometimes creativity gets taken too far, and you end up with fish on a cookie*.

See, I ordered a container of red miso from Asian Food Grocer (love them, by the way!) , but I didn’t have any plans for it. I just wanted to try miso, and wasn’t exactly sure what to do when a giant tub of it arrived at my house.

So I started brainstorming. Miso soup? Too boring. Miso glazed meat? Maybe. Hmm, miso and ginger are friends…what about miso and gingerbread? Yes! That’s it! Scallops marinated in miso, pan-seared (um, we’ll use that term loosely, since you can see in the photo that they’re a little less than seared) and served on savory gingerbread, with….well, why not grapefruit? Yeah! That’ll be awesome.

It wasn’t. But oh, I had hopes for it.

On the plus side: I really enjoy the savory gingerbread I made. I used blackstrap molasses and quite a bit less sugar than I put in my cookie gingerbread, and it worked out deliciously well. Just, uh, not with scallops on top.

And I want to make something tasty with miso, still. Suggestions are absolutely appreciated…even creative ones.

* Yep. That would be the actual description given by my taste-testers. Fish on a cookie.


4 Responses to “Well, That Didn’t Work”

  1. Joan Nova Says:

    Very funny and honest accounting of creativity gone wrong. We’ve ll had those days.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Fish on a cookie, very unique. Interesting blend of dessert and main course

    • Jenny Says:

      Yeah, not 100% sure I thought that through, but I just got so excited about ginger/gingerbread that I don’t think it occurred to me that it really was just fish on a cookie.

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