All Your Eggs In One Basket

Usually a bad idea, unless we’re talking breakfast!

Let’s just ignore the giant fingerprint in the corner of the toast from where I got impatient and pulled it out of the pan with my hand instead of a spatula…

I like my toast very light, so my eggs in a basket aren’t quite as browned as some people like theirs. The good thing about preferring light toast is that the eggs end up cooking just perfectly.

Wanna make these? So easy:

Cut a circle out of a slice of bread. I used a cookie cutter, but I’ve heard that the top of a glass works just as well.

Lightly butter each side of the bread. It’s a little bit weird with the circle missing, but it’s better than cutting the circle out of a buttered slice and getting your cookie cutters all messy.

Turn the stove to medium heat, and melt a small pat of butter in a frying pan. Place the bread in the pan, and crack an egg into the hole you cut out of the bread. Cook until the whites of the egg are solid enough to flip the entire bread-egg combo as one piece. Flip, and cook for another minute or so (until the egg is cooked through and your bread is a bit toasted). If you like darker toast or a more well-cooked egg, cook for a bit longer.

This is now my preferred way to eat an egg.


4 Responses to “All Your Eggs In One Basket”

  1. Lacey Bean Says:

    OMG I love these! My mom and I used to make them all the time when I was younger, I called it “egg bread”. Clever, I know. I still make it now!

  2. Now Says:

    i made them yesterday for the first time and that too for my whole family, and they turned out really well

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