Just In Case You Were Wondering

Fakesgiving was a resounding success. Photos, recipes, and more will be posted soon (I have a final on Tuesday!)


Just Gravy

Well, and some mashed potatoes.

The gravy was the first of the Fakesgiving foods to run out. It only made it to one plate of leftovers. For perspective, I have eaten no less than 9 plates of leftover turkey.

My gravy recipe requires a little bit of work, and it also costs you the turkey neck and giblets. It’s that dish that you have to remember is on the stove all day, throughout the entire turkey and side dish process. But, know what? It’s totally worth it.


Here’s a little teaser:

Clockwise from top left: dressing, cranberry sauce, crescent roll, corn, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes (no gravy! I forgot to add that before the photo, but it was really awesome), turkey, green beans. Also not pictured: chocolate mousse cake.

In short, Fakesgiving was a resounding success.

Recipes to follow all week long. My fav was the homemade dressing, which I totally improvised (don’t worry, I totally wrote down everything just for you!).

Thawing, And Other Turkey Business

So, you want to make a turkey for Fakesgiving (or Thanksgiving, but let’s do the holidays in order, shall we?). But you’re worried about cooking it correctly, and you also want it to taste fabulous. Good for you!

Now scoot your butt over here: http://www.fsis.usda.gov/FactSheets/Lets_Talk_Turkey/index.asp

The USDA has been nice enough to provide these handy dandy little turkey tips, covering just about everything from thawing to roasting to taking care of leftovers.

You’re totally allowed to disregard the portion suggestions. 1 pound of meat per person? Pssht. I got a 13 1/2 pound bird for 8 people, and it is perfect. Leftovers and sandwiches are the best part of turkey-centric holidays!

Fake Holidays Are The Best

Turkey Lurkey here has a very important announcement: Fakesgiving is almost here.

Yes, that hand-turkey is totally traced from my hand. Yes, I am 24 years old.

What’s Fakesgiving, you ask?

It’s only the best fake holiday ever. Fakesgiving is like a trial run for real Thanksgiving. There’s turkey. There’s stuffing. There are delicious sweet potatoes with brown sugar and rum. Basically, it’s a completely amazing excuse to do a full-on Thanksgiving dinner early. Because really, one Thanksgiving is not nearly enough.

Miss Roommate and I made it up last year because we spend Thanksgiving with our families, and they usually have all of the cooking covered. Kicking back and watching football is fun, but I really wanted to make a turkey of my own. And so, Fakesgiving was born. This year, we’re going to try not to make silly mistakes, like trying to thaw a totally-frozen turkey the morning of.

It’s also a completely amazing reason to draw hand-turkeys. If you email one to therecklesschef AT gmail DOT com, I’ll totally post it.