On Top Of Spaghetti


Spaghetti + meatballs = one of my favorite quick dinners. And homemade meatballs are a lot easier to make than you might expect — hint hint to a certain little sister of mine :)

The Recipe: Easy Meatballs

Yield: approximately one dozen meatballs
Time: 35 minutes

1 lb. ground sirloin
1 large egg, beaten
1/4 cup bread crumbs
1 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp salt

Do This
Preheat the oven to 350, and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Combine all ingredients, and roll into meatballs. I usually get about a dozen with this recipe, but your yield may vary depending on the size of your meatballs.

Bake the meatballs for 30 minutes (or until the centers are no longer pink — this may take longer if your meatballs are on the larger side).

And…that’s it! Homemade meatballs! They’re friends with spaghetti. And garlic bread. And parmesan cheese, sometimes.

Wanna spice things up? Crushed red pepper makes a hot addition to this recipe.


What A Splendid Pie, Pizza Pizza Pie

I live in Chicago, so I can’t say conclusively that homemade pizza is always better than delivery (there is some SERIOUS pizza in this city), but it’s definitely more fun.

Melted cheese and multicolored toppings? I’m sold.

 You knew that sauce recipe was posted for a reason.

[pizza recipe coming soon…I have to type it up, and it is scribbled on my refrigerator white board]

Incidentally, this one is a pizza that J. Crew would be proud of:

Because preppy patterns are not clothing-exclusive.

Oh yes, it’s argyle :)

You No Like-a Da Sauce?

Pizza Sauce!

Or…Lasagna Sauce!

Oh hell, it’s Heavy Red Sauce. Use it on anything you like.

The Recipe:
Heavy Red Sauce

1 can (28 oz) crushed tomatoes
1 can (6 oz) tomato paste
4 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 tbsp basil
1/2 tbsp oregano
1 tsp marjoram
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion salt
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

Do This

In a medium-large saucepan, stir together crushed tomatoes and tomato paste. Turn the burner to medium heat, and stir the mixture occasionally until it starts to bubble.
Turn the heat down to low, and stir in olive oil, minced garlic, basil, oregano, marjoram, garlic powder (yes, more garlic…I ran out of the minced kind and felt like it just needed some more), onion salt, salt, and pepper. Continue heating the sauce (on low, so you don’t have a big saucy mess all over the stove) for about 5 more minutes.
Use as a pizza sauce, lasagna sauce, or heavy pasta sauce. Or in anything else requiring a tomato sauce. I won’t judge.

This recipe makes more than enough sauce for you to try it out on a pizza, lasagna, and pasta. It’s a basic, mild (compared to my arrabbiata sauce, that is…it’s still flavorful) tomato sauce, and it’s pretty versatile. Decide your favorite use, and tell me about it!


[photos coming soon…I put the container of sauce in the freezer and it’s very un-photogenic at the moment]