Tools of the trade (Part 1: What I Want Is What I’ve Not Got)

Kitchen wish-list time!

Some day, when I have a real job and am no longer a poor grad student, I will have a marvelous kitchen full of amazing things – copper pots, an industrial-strength juicer, an oven that takes under 45 minutes to preheat. Until then, I’ve got a wish list.

I’ve broken my list into 3 categories. Since I’m so original (not!) I’m calling them The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good (necessities and/or inexpensive items which even a poor student can afford – I’ll probably be buying these in the near future)

  • a whisk – finally, I have one (3-9-08)
  • bread pans just bought some today! (2-28-08)
  • a glass liquid measure got one of these, too (2-28-08)
  • a pastry brush – bought a fancy silicone one (4-19-08)
  • icing bags and tips – so I don’t have to keep frosting things with the back of a spoon best birthday present ever! thanks, Amber! (7-3-08)
  • cookie cutters – just the basic shapes, nothing fancy Picked some up just in time for holiday cookies (12-4-08)
  • a slow cooker or crock pot – somehow, I don’t own one yet. They’re not too expensive, though. Gift from my parents! Thanks, M&D! (12-25-08)
  • a basic food processor – ditto
  • a wok – my saucepan is great, but a wok would be super helpful for certain dishes thanks, Boyfriend! (9-5-08)
  • stainless steel bowls – The Boyfriend has a set of these that I’ve used before, and I love them. Thanks, The Boyfriend’s parents! (12-25-08)

The Bad (upgrades to items I already have and moderately frivolous or expensive equipment)

  • a KitchenAid standing mixer – my mum has one. I covet it. One day, I will go crazy and splurge on one.
  • upgraded (read: nice) knives – my current set is pretty cheap. The knives dull fairly easily. thanks, Boyfriend! (9-3-08)
  • a bread machine – probably unnecessary, but it sure makes things easier!
  • an ice cream maker – again, a most-likely unnecessary item, but homemade ice cream rocks.
  • a pasta machine – not as expensive, but also not something I really, really need
  • a hot water tap – my mother has one in her kitchen and it’s brilliant…190 degree water instantly!

The Ugly (things WAY outside of my current budget, but that I covet nonetheless)

  • a VitaMixer – 2 horsepower? For a juicer? I’m in love.
  • copper pots – a 7-piece set by All-Clad retails for about $800
  • a dishwasher – okay, this is really just on the wish list for the next kitchen I have Got it! The new condo has one, yaay! (1-10-09)
  • a garbage disposal – also on the future-kitchen list, unless my landlord feels like installing one! The new condo also has one of these! Hooray! (1-10-09)
  • an electric flat-surface stove – although not entirely incapable of catching fire, the lack of open flames makes ME less likely to ignite ALSO in the new condo! (1-10-09)
  • a better oven – one that was made within the last decade, and which preheats in under 45 minutes, please? Magic! We got a new oven. (3-4-08)

Ok, so this list is pretty extensive. One day, when I’m a grown-up, it won’t be as long (I hope!).

What’s on your wish list?


8 Responses to “Tools of the trade (Part 1: What I Want Is What I’ve Not Got)”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Augh, we must have matching stoves! Mine was made in 1984 by Montgomery Ward, but it’s big enough to get the job done. It’s a temperamental thing though…

    Sur la Table has an amazing selection of cookie cutters for less than $2 each too! I would buy every shape of cookie cutter from Fancy Flours!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Yeah, we put a thermometer in the oven and it’s depressing how slow that thing heats to 350.

    I’m definitely going to check out Sur la Table, thanks!

  3. lcsa99 Says:

    I have a list much like that. Unfortunately I am in an appartment so I can’t even consider a decent stove/dishwasher, but there are just so many things and have you noticed, the more recipes you find, the more the list grows!

    The most important on my list are decent pots and a baking stone….can’t wait for that “economic stimulus” check ;)

  4. Jenny Says:

    I forgot about that “economic stimulus” check! Unfortunately for my kitchen, it’s probably going to be spent on school things.

  5. lcsa99 Says:

    It’s probably a good thing that you forgot about it. I’ve already spent the entire thing in my head. And mostly on my kitchen of course though I do plan to be good and put some on bills/savings

  6. My landlord deserves some cookies « The Reckless Chef Says:

    […] 4, 2008 · No Comments Remember that time I wished I had a new oven? Ask and ye shall receive! My roommate and I snuck a little note in with […]

  7. FlyerAsh Says:

    An electric flat surface stove? JEN!!!! GAS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO WHEN COOKING!

    Anyway, I don’t know what VitaMixer, but the rest is all legit. I’m mildly ashamed to admit that I have your lists covered with the exception of copper pots and the VitaMixer.

    I got the StandMixer for Christmas a few years ago and literally cried tears of happiness. but someone like you would have much more use for it. It’s really the ultimate tool for bakers and baking is one thing I don’t really delve into. I use mine with the attachements (which is how I covered ice cream maker, juicer, slicer, and pasta maker all in one hit… the meat grinder is fun too).

    I would also recommend a mortar and pestal, ramekins, potato ricer, and immersion blender. They come in handy more than you would imagine. Plus with the exception of the ramekins, they are all really fun to play with.

  8. Jenny Says:

    FlyerAsh, gas stoves are great if you’re not flammable. I’ve caught my hair/sleeves/dishtowels/etc. on fire more times than I should ever admit to anyone.

    The VitaMixer is an industrial-strength juicer/blender that is so powerful you can put fresh tomatoes in and press a button and get hot tomato soup.

    I do have ramekins and a potato ricer (need to update the other list) and the others are great reccos. Thanks!

    p.s. I’m jealous of your kitchen.

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